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On Tuesday it was disclosed by officials that at least 20 women — some agents admitted to them being prostitutes — were partying with at least 11 Secret Service agents and military personnel before President Barack Obama arrived in Colombia for a summit with Latin American leaders. Now a hotel employee is claiming that cocaine and cheap whiskey bottles were left in the vacated room after the agents were sent home.

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The New York Post reports:

When I went upstairs I walked into a messy room. The room was littered with two whiskey bottles — and a line of white powder, I believed to be cocaine, was on top of a round glass table in the room,” the staffer told The Post.

He painted a picture of morning-after mayhem in the lobby — just two days before President Obama landed in the country for an international summit.

“The prostitute was screaming in the lobby that he didn’t pay her,” the early-morning shift worker recalled. “She looked like she had a few drinks in her. She just wanted what was promised to her.

“She was very upset,” he said.

“The agent was supposed to pay her a [bar] fine on top of the pay rate for her sexual services, but he didn’t,” he said, referring to the local practice of paying a fee to the red-light district hot spot Pley Club to take one of its “dancers” out on a date, and then another fee directly to the woman.

The Secret Service didn’t return calls for comment.

At least 11 Secret Service members and 10 US military personnel partied with as many as 21 hookers at the hotel, according to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

Read more at the New York Post.


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