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GOP presidential hopeful Mitt “Poverty is Un-American” Romney is preparing to install quite the futuristic contraption in his home in LaJolla, California — an elevator for his cars. The “Phantom Park” is a car lift that lowers into a subterranean garage, reports local San Diego news source

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10 News reports:

“The nice thing about this is that at the grade level it looks like a regular garage floor,” said Cheryl Nauman, an employee at American Custom Lifts. “When you hit a button, another comes up.” Brad Davies created the sophisticated car elevator. His shop, American Custom Lifts, is located in downtown Escondido, but he has installed the lifts in homes around the world.”We just recently installed one in London,” said Davies. “We have one in New Zealand [and] Norway. We have quite a few in Canada.”Clients include actor Harrison Ford and singer Britney Spears. Now, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney wants to install a Phantom Park in his La Jolla home. First, Romney will bulldoze the current 3,000-square-foot home and build one that is 11,000 square feet. The basement alone will be 3,600 square feet and is planned to have a Phantom Park in it to store his cars.”For the cost of the lift, delivery and installed… it’s about $55,000,” said Davies.

While many Americans are struggling to keep their heads above water, why wouldn’t someone running for President of the United States plan to build a subterranean car elevator [note extreme sarcasm]?

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This is after all the same man who said that he wasn’t “concerned with the very poor.”

This is also the same man who said that Democrats begrudge people their wealth, while Republicans applaud it.

Maybe, Mr. Romney, Democrats don’t begrudge you your trust funds, rather they find it extremely laughable that you can even pretend to care about the economic conditions of people living in poverty.

And can you really blame them?

Pat Cunningham describes the former Massachusetts governor perfectly:

“Mitt Romney is the classic example of the guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. He would do better to admit that he was born into wealth and privilege and tailor his political message to his determination to improve economic opportunities for all Americans — and spare us the bootstraps imagery of his own experience.”

It’s clear from this gaudy display of wealth, that the only thing “poor” Romney is familiar with is taste.

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