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On Tuesday June 5th, Mayor Eugene W. Grant will once again hand out a generous award on behalf of the City of Seat Pleasant: A City of Excellence to the City’s pride and joy, Seat Pleasant Elementary School. This year however, there is an expected increase in enrollment of students with an Autism Spectrum Disorders for the coming fall semester, bringing the overall number of students living with Autism at Seat Pleasant Elementary to about 75. Mayor Grant and the City Council Members have shifted their budget to double the contribution made last year of $5,000 to a $10,000 award.

“The 1st Annual Embrace Autism! Event<; in April is still being talked about because it was the first of its kind in our county, pointing to the growing numbers in our population coupled with how shockingly little we know about Autism. This is exactly why we as a City decided to take a vested interest in our children’s future, today.” Stated Mayor Grant who added; “The most important thing to remember here is Principal Olga Pabon and Former Principal Dr. Kasandra Lassiter’s faculty and staff at Seat Pleasant Elementary School do such an extraordinary and spectacular job growing the young minds of our children and preparing them for life. As elected leaders, we must stand beside our local schools with not just words or events, but financial backing. I know this donation will be used for all the right reasons and it feels good to invest in our future.”

Seat Pleasant Elementary School Principal Olga Pabon added; “Research has shown that a school with community support thrives compared to schools that do not. Therefore, I cannot begin to fully articulate how our partnership with the City of Seat Pleasant: A City of Excellence and Mayor Eugene W. Grant has benefited our school. Mayor Grant believes change in his community begins with educating our children. Therefore, Seat Pleasant Elementary School is probably one of the few schools where their Mayor visits on a regular basis.” Principal Pabon went on to say; “Mayor Grant can walk into any classroom and is widely recognized by both students & teachers. Mayor Grant is so comfortable in our school that often I am not aware he is in the building unless I see one of his famous hats sitting on our secretary’s bookshelf. The City of Seat Pleasants’ financial support has also been vital to the success of our program. In lieu of budget cuts, we have been able to fund events such as our Autism Conference, incentive programs for scholars, and enrichment programs for all students and provide additional classroom materials for teachers. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful Mayor” concluded Principal Pabon.

Eugene W. Grant is currently serving his 8th year as mayor of Seat Pleasant: A City of Excellence. During his 8 years as mayor, he has successfully tripled the size of the Police Department, reduced crime by 33%, improved the infrastructure of the city, ended each year with a surplus and raised thousands of dollars for the local elementary school. Mayor Grant serves as the Chairman of the Board for Health Empowerment Network of Maryland, Inc., President of the Maryland Black Mayor’s Community Development Corporation, Inc., Chief Executive Officer for Global Development Services for Youth, Inc., and a member of numerous other organizations both domestically and internationally. You can follow Mayor Grant on Twitter<!/MayorGrant&gt; and Facebook<!/profile.php?id=1270387520&gt;.