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Brea Persley, 13, says that her science teacher told her to “sit your nappy-headed self down” in front of the whole class last week at Inglewood‘s Century Academy of Excellence, KTLA-TV in Los Angeles reports.

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The teen’s teacher, Kelly Dempsey, called Brea’s family and apologized for the comment.

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“Just to let you know. That’s just not me and it was not intentioned in a bad way and I know it came out wrong,” Dempsey said in a voice mail to the teen’s parents.

But the mom, Shronda Williams, says the principal  was less than apologetic.

Shronda says when she called the principal, Giselle Edman, to follow-up with a meeting, she told her that the teacher was right to call Brea “nappy” and that “bad things need to happen to mean kids.”

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Edman then expelled Brea from school because the mother “scolded the principal.” Brea’s family did admit that the teen was cited for tardiness and gum-chewing. She also was involved in a fight on campus last year. Brea’s family plans on filing a complaint with the school’s accrediting institution.

But the problem is that Century Academy Of Excellence is a charter school and only answer to entities that accredit them or legal action. A representative from the California Department Of Education says charter schools operate by their own rules, though they are public.

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