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A group of Baltimore, Md., McDonald’s employees are up in arms and suing former co-worker , Mirlande Wilson.

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They allege that Wilson defrauded them in order to avoid having to split $656 million in winnings with them, reports the Daily Mail.

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Reportedly, Wilson was placed at the helm of a pool that was organized last April where she and her co-workers all chipped in to purchase tickets for a chance to win the supersized lottery prize.

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In the days following the winning drawing, Wilson began telling some co-workers in the pool that “we won,” according to the circuit court filed complaint. The situation even garnered international media attention and made Wilson a kind of pseudo-celebrity.  Wilson then decided to hold a bizarre press conference where she stood before a sea of reporters and claimed that she had misplaced the winning ticket at her job.

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A few days after holding court at her home, lottery officials announced that the real holders of the winning Baltimore County ticket were three public school educators dubbed the ‘Three Amigos.’” Now the McDonald’s employees are claiming that the mother of seven actually conspired with the three teachers to defraud them so that she could keep a large chunk of the lotto winnings.

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“Since that time, defendant Wilson has repeatedly admitted that those individuals were mere nominees, on her behalf, and that arrangements had been made to ensure that she would later receive nearly all the lottery proceeds,” the complaint states, according to

Needless to say, Wilson is alleging that the employee’s accusations against her are completely false and that she never had the ticket in the first place.

The plaintiffs are seeking a temporary restraining order and injunction barring Wilson from using or transferring any lottery proceeds before a hearing. The group of employees are also seeking punitive damages for fraud, breach of contract and a host of other complaints.

Maryland Lottery spokeswoman Carole Everett got a hearty chuckle after being informed about the lawsuit against Wilson, telling the Baltimore Sun,  ”It sounded like wishful thinking from a group who had their hopes unfairly raised by Wilson in the first place. The ‘Three Amigos’ are the true winners, Everett said.”

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