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“Wright On The Edge”, talk radio from the sisters point of view debuts this afternoon at 1pm on News Talk 1450AM WOL. Wendy Wright is the creator and executive producer of “Wright on the Edge.” She considers herself to be a free spirit and dislikes being told what she can and cannot do. Her rebellious nature became evident when she reached the age of 14. Needless to say, her independent streak didn’t go over well with her parents, so she spent most of her formative teenage years grounded. As a result of her “captivity,” Wendy made up for lost time when she became a legal adult. It took her 11 years to finally earn her Bachelor’s degree, which she received from Temple University. She acknowledges that her behavior was completely asinine and refutes any comparisons to Van Wilder. Nonetheless, she asserts that she learned more from what she experienced during those 11 years than she would have ever learned from college alone – some of it good and some of it very, very bad. Her experiences included everything from driving across the country and touring Russia and Israel to working as a cocktail waitress in a go-go bar. She’s even been stalked by an ex-boyfriend and held up at gunpoint!

After 2 more years of travel and misadventures, Wendy returned to school where she received her Master’s degree from the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. From there she worked for Clear Channel Entertainment Television and SFX Sports Group and now owns her own production company.

Wendy is currently single and lives in the Washington DC area. In her spare time she loves to read, eat, workout and take on any new adventure that comes her way.

Lee Ann Wright-Stevenson may be the youngest of the Wright Sisters but she is by no means a little girl. At the age of 27, the self proclaimed workaholic has achieved more in business then some twice her age. In addition to being a co-host for Wright on The Edge, Lee Ann also runs a Maryland based paving company with her Husband Floyd. She is also the owner of Tré Sleek™, a revolutionary brand of shape wear that has been featured on Rachel Ray, The Wendy Williams Show and the Today Show.

When she isn’t playing “mom-prenuer” she loves spending time with her expanding family that includes her 2 ½ year old son Jaxon and new daughter Emery Lane due this April. A no-nonsense straight shooter, Lee Ann loves sharing her youthful opinions on topics and engaging in deep discussion and debate. They say “You don’t know what you’re missing till it arrives”…and let’s just say Lee Ann has arrived!

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