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An unhappy meal indeed!

Chicago mom, Anishi Spencer, alleges in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that her toddler ate a used condom in a McDonald’s play area on Feb. 4 of last year, reports the Huffington Post.

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The complaint states that 2-year-old Jacquel “picked up a used condom that was on the floor.” The then-toddler “shortly thereafter coughed up a piece of used condom.” The distraught mom is seeking $50,000 in damages plus all of her attorney’s fees from the global burger chain. Spencer is taking aim at the establishment, claiming that it ”failed and neglected” to properly clean any hazardous debris and keep safe a play area designated for young children.

Spencer also contends that the chain neglected to use surveillance to uncover any “deviant activities” on its grounds.

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At the time of the incident, Jacquel was accompanied by his then-3-year-old brother, Jonathan. Regarding how the alleged incident has impacted her children, who were taken to a medical facility afterwards, Spencer states in the lawsuit that Jacquel “has suffered severe and permanent injuries–both physical and psychological– as well as pain and discomfort. He will become liable for sums of money for continued medical care throughout his life.”

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The suit also mentions Jonathan and states that he too handled the condom.

The McDonald’s Corporation sent the Huffington Post a response regarding Spencer’s alleged accusations:

“Providing a safe, clean environment is a top priority for us. This restaurant is no exception. We take these matters seriously and investigate all claims to gather the facts. At the time the lawsuit was filed, we had not completed our investigation and at no time have we given the alleged object in question to examine. These are just allegations and we strongly caution anyone from jumping to conclusions without having the facts.

Because this is now a pending legal matter, it would be inappropriate to further comment or speculate.”

Wanda Haltek, Director of Operations

McDonald’s USA

This entire episode kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?

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