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Meet A.J. Clamente (pictured), the former anchor for NBC affiliate KFYR in Bismarck, North Dakota whose tenure was perhaps the shortest in the station’s history.

Just seconds into the 5 p.m. newscast, the rookie anchor uttered “f*cking sh*t”–twice–under his breath as his co-anchor, Van Tieu, greeted viewers and introduced him. Tieu was clearly fazed by Clamente’s sudden profanity but continued with her introduction anyway. Clamente, seemed to be caught off guard when he realized he was on live.  He never recovered.

Tieu: A.J, tell us a little about yourself.

Clamente: Umm. Thanks Van. I’m really excited. I graduated from West Virginia University and I’m used to, umm, you know, being from the east coast.”

Tieu: OK. Well, welcome aboard A.J.

Watch the video below:

Clamente went on to announce the news, but not for long. He sent out a tweet, acknowledging his first go in the anchor chair was a fail.

Nope, it couldn’t have!

Then the station’s news director took to Facebook and wrote this:

During the station’s 10 p.m. newscast, co-anchor Tieu has this to say:

And today, A.J. tweeting the inevitable:


Too bad, A.J. But don’t be discouraged! Everyone makes mistakes and we’re sure you’ll find another gig. Just be sure to bit your tongue when you get nervous next time!

Rookie Anchor Canned First Day On The Job After Cursing On-Air  was originally published on newsone.com