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When a federal judge ordered the Obama Administration to make emergency contraception available to girls as young as 15-years-old, a polarizing conversation reemerged: Does emergency contraception protect girls or give them permission for promiscuity?

According to Republican strategist Brad Blakeman (pictured above), not only is the answer the latter, President Obama is complicit in the inevitable statutory rape of young girls with access to the pill, reports Raw Story.

“This makes no sense at all,” Blakeman opined to Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Friday. “You have to be 18 years old to buy a pack of cigarettes. And the president is also encouraging criminal behavior because in most jurisdictions in America, engaging in sexual intercourse at 14, 15 years old is statutory rape. So the president is somehow saying, ‘If you engage in that activity — criminal behavior — that’s okay because the government is going to provide you the out for your bad decision making.’”

“This strips away the moral fabric of our country,” Blakeman agreed. “It’s the government basically being complicit in a criminal act, and also complicit in coming into the houses of America and telling the parents, ‘We’re going to bring up your children, we’re going to be able to provide better for your children than the decisions you may make at home.’”

Initially, there were rumblings that the Justice Department would try to appeal the ruling, but the POTUS voiced his support:

“It’s not my decision to make,” he said to reporters in Mexico, but “I’m comfortable with [it].

“I think it’s very important that women have control over their health care choices,” he said. “We want to make sure that they have access to contraception.”

See Blakeman’s remarks below:

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