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WASHINGTON — D.C. tops the list of major metro areas that are giving pay raises, with companies giving average pay hikes of 2.3 percent.

A survey by the global human resources association World at Work finds 77 percent of companies are giving raises.

Baltimore also falls in the top 10 at No. 10, with the average raise at 2.1 percent.

Here’s how the numbers break down by city:

* D.C. — average raise 2.3 percent

* Tampa — average raise 2.2 percent

* Boston — average raise 2.2 percent

* Philadelphia — average raise 2.1 percent

* Denver — average raise 2.1 percent

* Chicago — average raise 2.1 percent

* Cincinnati — average raise 2.1 percent

* Dallas — average raise 2.1 percent

* New York — average raise 2.1 percent

* Baltimore — average raise 2.1 percent.

If you’re not on track for a raise yet, World at Work spokeswoman Allison Avalos says don’t despair.

“There are certainly a number of organizations that have had to set aside raises for this year because cash is very tight, but there’s still a commitment to the program,” she says.

“Organizations are not only trying to getting to get through a tough economic situation today but they also need to retain the talent they have that will get them through and get them back to a successful place.”

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