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A Michigan reporter may be feeling a tad bit embarrassed after she inadvertently drew an image resembling a large penis on live TV Tuesday evening. Video of the primetime sex drawing has since gone viral.


ABC12 news reporter Siobhan Riley (pictured) was detailing which sections of Saginaw would be undergoing construction on a large map. As she laid out the grid plan, she unknowingly drew what appeared to be a large phallus, complete with testicles at the bottom.

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Watch the video here:

As the segment fades out, Riley seems oblivious to her drawing. While the incident is still making rounds around the internet, it brings to mind other times when reporters made humiliating on-air gaffes. For instance, who could forget this clip of Sue Simmons using the F-word during a live broadcast? (Warning: clip contains profane language):

Or this 1995 footage of field reporter Isiah Carey, who unleashed a legendary tirade after an insect flew into his mouth (Warning: clip also contains profane language):

And in one clip that shares the sexual theme of Riley’s gaffe, Fox anchor Ernie Anastos tells meteorologist Nick Gregory to keep “f**king that chicken.

Neither Riley nor the station, have yet to comment on their hilarious situation. Ironically, her favorite quote is “As long as you keep God first, success can be yours.”

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