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Today parents called into “NewsOne Now” and spoke with Roland Martin about how they handle situations where they see underage drinking. As reported, Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is under fire for the time his teenage son went to a party with underage drinking, but Gansler did little to remedy the situation. What would you do in that situation?

“Are you a punk parent like Douglas Gansler, [saying] ‘Ain’t my job? I’m only concerned about by child,’?” asked Martin.

Most of the callers to today’s show said they’d do something about it. Ella, a caller who began drinking at age 15, said she is now a minister and in recovery.  She throws “sober” parties for teens, and if she sees anyone’s child acting up, “I headlock ‘em, I kick ‘em, I throw ‘em in the dirt…I’m old-school,” she joked.

We think she was joking.

Hear what else she and other callers told Roland Martin about how they keep teens in line, in the clip below. Then let us know how you handle things, in the comments section.

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