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Tuesday, Roland Martin caught up with Republican Rep. Allen West and singer Traci Braxton at the historic Howard Theater during a Party event to celebrate Black History Month. Martin spoke with both about the GOP’s efforts to attract black voters.

“I’ve always hated the word ‘outreach’,” West said. “This is about policy inclusiveness. This is about reestablishing a bond and a connection and that’s why an event like this is so important but we just can’t have it in Black History Month. We need to continue to have it every single month.”

West said the GOP can attract black voters by speaking the language of conservatives like Booker T. Washington, focusing on education, entrepreneurship and self-reliance. Also at the event was singer Traci Braxton who said she attended to learn more about the Republican platform.

“I’m out here to make sure I know what I’m talking about politically,” Braxton joked. She added, “Just because they’re Republican doesn’t mean they’re all bad. They also have some legit reasons for why this country is the way it is.”

Watch Roland Martin’s interviews with Rep. Allen West and singer Traci Braxton.

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