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Sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby, which first surfaced in 2004-2005, have returned with a vengeance.

Gawker’s Tom Scocca initially dredged up the story to deflect from the spotlight trained on Woody Allen and sexual abuse allegations levied against him by Dylan Farrow, daughter of his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow.

Since that time, one of Cosby’s alleged victims, Barbara Bowman, 47, one of the 13 women to accuse Cosby of sexual assault, has repeated her heartbreaking tale of  abuse at the hands of America’s Dad to writer Katie J. M. Baker.

Read an excerpt from the disturbing interview from Newsweek:

The first time I was drugged for sure was in New York, when [Bill Cosby] invited me to dinner at his apartment. There was a chef, a butler; we had dinner, it was all fine. I had one glass of wine and then I blacked out. I woke up throwing up in the toilet, and he was standing over me, pulling my hair out of my face. I was wearing a white t-shirt that wasn’t mine, and he was in a white robe.

I think the final time I was assaulted by him was in Atlantic City. He took me there for a show and got me very drunk. Later, [the hotel] lost my luggage, so I was on the phone with the concierge and [Bill] had an absolute fit that I was on the phone, and went ballistic. The next morning, he summoned me into his room and started berating me and calling me names and yelling at me, telling me I had embarrassed him, and he threw me on the bed and blocked me with his elbow and got on top of me and started taking his pants off and I was screaming and crying and begging him to leave me alone and I fought so hard and I was screaming so loud that he got mad and threw me aside and got away from me, and that was it.

I was ditched. I was dropped like a hot potato by my agent. I was thrown out of my housing. They pulled the plug on me and said I had embarrassed [Cosby].

Cosby said “I better never ever hear your name or see your face ever again.”

Read the entire interview here.

In 2005, Cosby apologized to one of his accusers, Andrea Constand, even though prosecutors found ”insufficient credible and admissible evidence” to support her claims. Cosby still settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum of money.

“Looking back on it, I realize that words and actions can be misinterpreted by another person, and unless you’re a supreme being, you can’t predict what another individual will do.

“But that’s all behind me now, and I’m looking only toward a bright future. I’m not saying that what I did was wrong, but I apologize to my loving wife, who has stood by my side for all these years, for any pain I have caused her.

“These allegations have caused my family great emotional stress.”

Cosby, who is set to return to NBC with a new family comedy, has not commented on the allegations.

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