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Jerome Adkins (pictured far left with 13 of his 15 children) is a true example of what a man should be and his roles as a nurturer and provider did not go unnoticed as he was feted on Father’s Day by his wife of 21 years, LaChelle (pictured far right), and their 15 children, reports WSB-TV.

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The McDonough, Ga., Adkins crew decided to take Jerome out on Father’s Day for an Italian dinner to let him know just how special he is to each and every one of them. Going out to eat is a rarity for the Adkins clan because Dad had such a demanding schedule when he was in the military, but last year, he retired. Now Jerome is a church pastor and his schedule is more flexible.

According to LaChelle, Jerome works nonstop to make sure his family is well taken care of not only outside of the home, but emotionally. He also plays an active role in all of the lives of his children. Jerome, who always wanted a brood of his own to love, searched for a woman who was willing to join him on his fatherhood quest, he tells WSB-TV, “I always knew I wanted a lot of children and was fortunate to find a wife who could bless me with that desire.”

Even though LaChelle does not work outside of the home, Jerome is fine with this arrangement and sees it as his duty to provide financial stability for his large family stating, “My mission is to provide for them all and be available to support them in as many activities that I can. Our arrangement with my wife as a homemaker makes it possible and is a sacrifice financially because our income would be double if she worked because she has a marketing degree from Indiana University.”

LaChelle heralds her partner in life as having a persona that is incomparable and how parenting with him is not a chore. The mom tells WSB-TV, “He has an amazing personality and makes parenthood a joy and his insight helps us solve our parenting dilemmas successfully.”

Jerome’s family told WSB-TV, the love they have for their dad is “infinite” and he is also chock-full of life lessons that they carry with them wherever they go. According to the couple’s oldest son, Jonathan, “Our father has always told us that it is important to do your best in all that you do and strive for excellence. He has also told us that we can do anything we set our mind to. This philosophy has given me the confidence to step out and start my own disc jockey business.”

The Adkins’ oldest daughter, Taylor, who is a senior at the University of Georgia, told the news outlet that she is glad that her dad’s rigorous schedule has relaxed, so that they can do special things like go out to dinner as a family, “We are used to our father working constantly so this is a nice change to celebrate as a family.”

Way to go, Jerome!

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