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Dr. Afriye Amerson is a Board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. During her training at George Washington Medical School, Dr. Amerson also studied Eastern and African healing arts and became a Reiki Master.  She includes both holistic healing as well as traditional Western medicine in her practice.

For the past 14 years, Dr. Amerson has encountered a wide spectrum of issues facing women’s health & families. These include adolescent gynecology, surgical management of fibroids & ovarian tumors, contraceptive counseling, management of menopause, prolapse of female organs, urinary disorders, prenatal care & delivery, counseling on sexual health & wellness, marriage, depression, grief, & HIV, female cancers, and infertility.

Dr. Amerson has become a well-known speaker throughout the community, engaging audiences of churches, civic organizations, youth mentoring organizations, and corporations. Dr. Amerson is a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. She serves on the Scientific Board of Advisors for the Parents’ Guide to Cord Blood Banking.

Affectionately known as “Dr. A” by nurses, patients, and many hospital & office staff, Dr. Amerson is a passionate advocate for the health awareness and empowerment of the community. You can get more information on Dr. Amerson via her official website HERE. 

Tips For A Stronger Marriage

by Afriye Amerson

Little girls play with Barbie dolls and dream of their wedding day. Grown men get down on bended knee, putting pride, ego and testosterone aside, to have a wife by their side ‘til the end of their days. And, no one REALLY wants to start talking about “when the music stops”, the dress is faded, and one (or the other person) begins to get bored, fidgety, aggravated, or just stops “feeling it” anymore. The reality of our community is that it has been overtaken by broken families, whereas our ancestors would risk their lives to keep the family together, we are more apt to risk our lives to keep our steady income.

Its past time to ask ourselves: “Wuz Up?!?” Did our ancestors understand something that we have forgotten?

Let’s examine the foundation of our marriages to get a better foothold on the situation. I will highlight eight aspects of this foundation that can create more than just an infinity “symbol”, but an infinity cymbal ringing throughout a lifetime.

#1 Speak now, or forever hold your PEACE: The threads of a relationship cannot be woven together to create a masterpiece as internal forces work at unraveling it. Marriage is no tug of war, and the dynamic of traction/counter traction is worse than ineffective, it is a dead ringer for exhaustion and surrender. The wedding labels persons as guests of EITHER bride or groom, but the marriage must fortify itself with a non-negotiable policy for friends, family, and children.

That policy is that all persons considered as the “inner circle” are either die hard, down for the marriage or will hold their peace forever. The negative energy, comments, and attitude (when fed to a married person) directly take root (even at the subconscious level) and are drawn out as weapons (against the other married person) at exactly the wrong times.

#2 Guard your words It takes more than sexual technique to keep the flames burning eternally. Nothing erodes at passion & desire more steadily than constant berating, holding grudges, & a lack of respect. Sometimes one person’s feelings can be hurt (while the other is completely unaware), yet “ego” prevents the person from speaking up, while animosity builds. We are often more guarded in how we speak to our coworkers, bosses, church members, & even strangers than we are toward our spouse.

But, the saying “sticks & stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you” is a lie. Words hurt. Words are the expression of the heart, the reflection of the soul, & can be the mantra of love. Honest communication about what IS versus IS NOT “working” in the verbal communication between you is critical on an ongoing basis. Becoming more sensitive to how your spouse is reacting to & feeling about the words you use can be a powerful measure in your overall character growth (because this is the person YOU drew into your innermost circle).

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