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Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participated in the Tom Joyner Morning Show roundtable with  News One’s Roland Martin, Reverend Al Sharpton, CNN’s Don Lemon and Jacque Reid, along with TJMS hosts Tom Joyner, and Sybil Wilkes.

Don Lemon: Do people trust you?

HC: “I’ve gotten more votes than anybody running. I feel really good about where we are. I see all this and i know folks like to talk about it, and I get it. But every single job I’ve had people trusted me. When I was Secretary of State, I was often ranked as one of the most trusted people. When I’m in office I do a job people know they can count on me.”

Sybil Wilkes: Do you know all three verses of the Negro National Anthem?

HC: “I don’t know by heart all three verses. My husband actually has a really good voice so he has an incentive to know Lift Every Verse. I have to mumble, because when I do sing, he has to hush me.”

Rev. Al Sharpton: Would you look for someone who would be in line with Attorney Eric Holder in terms of mass incarceration?

HC: “Yes, 100%. He laid down some markers and took some action. I want to end private prisons. I find it outrageous. I also want to end private family detention centers…it needs to go criminal justice reform. I look forward to taking action very early in my term.”

Click the link above to hear Jacque Reid and Roland Martin chime in with questions about sexism and the nomination of a black woman to the Supreme Court.

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