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HBCU Professor Fired for Having On-Camera Sex With Students

Teachers should definitely have a hands on approach, but perhaps not to this extent.

Dr. Edward Jones, 51, a professor at Alabama A&M was recently fired and arrested for having sex with two of his students.

Police found videos of Jones, a tenured professor who taught at the HBCU for 20 years, performing oral sex on two other male students at his home. According to, the videos were from 2010 and 2011 and were found on Jones’ school laptop.

In February, Jones filed a lawsuit against the school, insisting that they are trying to get back at him for calling out the school for “egregious administrative issues and concerns, including mismanagement of federal and state funds and charging students for services it did not provide” noted.

“Dr. Jones’ whistleblower speech and signed statement regarding AAMU’s illegal conduct in charging students for services it did not provide and mismanaging federal and state funds designed to implement teacher certification information management system was met with a retaliatory attempt to terminate him, prosecute him and humiliate and ruin Dr. Jones’ reputation,” the lawsuit stated.

Meanwhile, university officials claim that Jones’ termination was based solely on “inappropriate behavior” with students which is in direct violation of their policy. (

#BossMove: Flint Mayor Threatens To Sue The State of Michigan Over Water Crisis

Michigan National Guard To Help Flint With Lead Contamination In Water Supply

Source: Bill Pugliano / Getty

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is not playing with her home state of Michigan.

According to City Lab, Weaver plans to sue for monetary damages related to the city’s lead-in-water crisis. Last week she and Flint’s Chief Legal Officer Anthony Chubb submitted a notice of intention to sue. It included the following:

“It notes that the city used Flint River water from April 2014 through October 2015 ‘in reliance on the authorizations, directions, and advice given by the’ state Department of Environmental Quality.

As a result, the notice claims the city “has suffered or will suffer” damage to its municipal water system, costs related to the emergency, medial claims, reduced property values, reputational damage, permanent loss of water system customers, increased legal liability and more.”

In the meantime, Weaver is hard at work for her Fast Start initiative, which aims at helping replace lead pipes in her residents’ home. But that progress has been stunted as she is waiting on lawmakers to free up funds needed to complete that project. As of now, only 14 homes have had their pipes replaced. (City Lab)

Black Boston Firefighter Sues Red Sox for Discrimination

Rocky Fire Grows To 23,000 Acres In Drought-Ridden Northern California

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

An African-American fire fighter has sued the Boston Red Sox for racial discrimination.

According to the Boston Globe, Robert C. Cox says he was denied entrance to Fenway Park to make a safety inspection in 2013. The complaint states that Cox, 50, and two other fire inspectors, one white and the other Black, went to Fenway during a World Series game back in 2013. The three, who were dressed in street clothes, arroved at the stadium together, but the white inspector was welcomed in by security, while the other two were forced to show “additional identification.”

From there, things escalated after Cox “repeatedly asked why their credentials were being questioned when their colleague was allowed to enter only seconds earlier without even having to flash” his city badge, the complaint stated.
Cox said the humiliation from being racially discriminated against  has been “very emotional” and because of it “he has undergone therapy” to cope, The Globe said.  Officials from the Red Fox have yet to comment on the lawsuit.(Boston Globe)

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