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The NAACP is calling for police to investigate an excessive use of force incident that took place in Blytheville, Arkansas.

According to RawStoryPatrick Newbern was playing his music too loud in a convenient store parking lot on Easter Sunday. When an officer attempted to write Newbern a citation, he drove away. Bodycam footage shows the officer hopping into his patrol car to follow Newbern who explained that his brakes weren’t working.

Several other officers were also present and they ordered the unarmed African American male out of his car. Before he could unbuckle his seatbelt, Newbern was pulled out of the car and he wailed on the ground as he was being restrained by another officer.

The initial officer proceeded to taser the victim while another pepper sprayed him. “I can’t see” shouted Newbern which was followed by, “I ain’t resisting, bro.”

The officers claim that they reacted to the victim in such a forceful way because they believed he was reaching for a weapon.

“I see another Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin situation if you ask me” said Newbern who was charged with violation of the city noise ordinance, fleeing by vehicle and resisting arrest.

A spokesperson for the Blytheville Police Department is expected to make a statement within the next week.


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