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Prince Had No Will, Bank In Charge Of His Estate

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A Minnesota judge has confirmed that recently deceased singer Prince did not have a living will.

Prince’s assets, which total an estimated $250 million dollars, will now be the responsibility of Bremer Bank as they will handle both his personal and financial business, People reported.

According to court documents, Bremer Trust has been tasked to “preserve the estate and to secure its proper administration until a general Personal Representative is appointed by the Registrar or by the Court.” They are also in charge of having to find Prince’s relatives to divvy money out to them.

On Tuesday, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson filed the emergency petition for the appointment of a special administrator, claiming her brother didn’t leave a will. Regardless, it’s being estimated that this could take years for the bank to resolve.

107-Year-Old Woman Who Danced With POTUS, Finally Gets Her ID Card

Virginia McLaurin, the 107-year-old woman who became a viral star dancing with President Barack Obama, finally got her state-issued ID this week. The D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser hand delivered it to her on Tuesday at her home.

According to the Associated Press, McLaurin’s replacement ID was stolen a few years ago and because she was never issued a birth certificate, the DMV wouldn’t give her a new identification card. CBS News wrote that McLaurin, who was born in segregated South Carolina in 1909, she was birthed by a midwife and her birth date was written in a Bible.

This lack of an ID, banned McLaurin from flying to do any interviews about her cutting a rug with POTUS. But it’s important to note that for seniors, not having a birth certificate isn’t rare or new. Thankfully, Mayor Bowser also announced “regulations giving city residents 70 and older more options to obtain identification,” the AP noted.

“I am especially happy to know that now all seniors in D.C. will be able to get an ID more easily,” McLaurin said in a statement.

Young Mother Fatally Shot By 2-Year-Old Son While Driving Down Wisconsin Highway

This week, a young mother was accidentally shot and killed by her 2-year-old son while driving down a Milwaukee highway. Patrice Price, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene, Milwaukee police confirmed. The gun belonged to Price’s security guard boyfriend, who left it in the backseat, reported.

Price’s father Andre told the press that he is “distraught over his daughter’s death” who was  “a hard-working mother of three.” He told the press, “I have a knot in my chest. They won’t even let me see my daughter. I wanted to hold my daughter for one last time.”

The police are currently investigating the death as “ongoing,” confirming that they have spoken to witnesses. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, “Initial witness accounts indicate that a child in the back seat of the vehicle got ahold of a gun and discharged the firearm, sending a single bullet into the driver’s back.

Praying for the Price family.

“Daughters of The Dust” To Be Restored; You Better Thank Beyoncé

In really good news: The classic 1991 film Daughters of The Dust, written and directed by Julie Dash, will be restored and screened in theaters this fall. Dust is a beautifully shot film about a family of Gullah women living on the Sea Islands and their decision to migrate to the American mainland in the early 1900s, The New York Times describes.

Why it’s happening now is mighty convenient, with some believing it could be a result of the insane popularity of Beyoncé’s new visual album Lemonade, which pays homage to Dust’s aesthetic.

The film, which is the first theater-released film to be directed by an African-American woman, can currently only be viewed on out-of-print DVD. However, Cohen Film Collection announced on Wednesday that it has completed a digital restoration of the film and plans on “a national rollout and a new Blu-ray version” coming later this year.

Clearly, folks are happy about this:

Dash has directed numerous other films including The Rosa Parks Story (2002) starring Angela Bassett, Love Song (2000), starring singer Monica. She also directed Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” video in the mid 90s.

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