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April Rein an activist has started a virtual effort to stop the production of a new show called Confederate by HBO. The hashtag #HBONoconfederate has been traveling around social media.

The premise of this show is to see what it would look like if the Confederate Army won the war and slavery wasn’t abolished. The show will be created by the producers of Game Of Thrones.

Rein says that her and her group, “don’t think this show should ever see the light of day. We are asking everyone across social media to use the hashtag #noconfederate.” The movement is a show of power to HBO that there are thousands of people around the world who don’t believe this show should happen.

HBO has responded to the online movement by asking, “everyone to wait and see. Wait and see is what they told us about the Trump Administration and look at where we are now.” says Rein.

“We still haven’t  been made right. We haven’t  gotten our reparations. Do we really need another show to show what black people have been and are going through every day?” says Rein.

The writers and producers of Game Of Thrones have a serious lack of characters of color on the show and behind the camera. Rein exclaimed, “why should we have any confidence that they’ll do a good job with this show?”

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