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Cheryl Fortune is the former wife of gospel artist James Fortune and a domestic violence survivor.

Based in Houston, the singer released a single called Fighters that has become so fitting as people are recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

Fortune explained,”I just definitely wanted to create a song filled with the message of hope, faith and not giving up. To create something that would get people pumped up, a life song. I wanted to create something that was going to be empowering and encouraging. ”

A couple years ago she was in the hospital with broken bones and internal bleeding from her former husband. She explained,”That had to be my breaking point. Even before that, I cried out, because I couldn’t take it.”

From the outside, most people can’t see why a woman would stay in a situation like that. Fortune says,”I think as women we can ignore the signs and say ‘okay things are going to change’. It is hard when you really love a person, It’s hard for you to walk away. But it has to be that person’s decision.”

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Inside Her Story: Cheryl Fortune Tells The Story Behind Her Single ‘Fighters’  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com