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Imagine sitting in a restaurant and you see a  neon sign with a racist caricature of a Black man that says “Coon Chicken Inn.” Would you smile with joy at our illustrious America history or say, “What the f**ck is that?” We would argue the latter would be the reaction for most Americans. Well, not for the owners of Cook’s Garage in Lubbock, Texas.

The restaurant is getting complaints for their racist sign. See below:

Jasmine Abdullah told KLBK, A CBS affiliate, she reached out to Cook’s Garage to take it down and they have not responded, “I was thinking ‘In this day and age, we are still having to deal with things like this?’ If we want to be remembered as a group of people, that is not how we want to be remembered. If you want to put a piece of American history or African-American history up, there are tons of people you can have hanging up in your restaurant. Not something derogatory.”

According to The Root, this is the owner’s excuse for keeping the sign up via their Facebook page, “Aunt Jemima, mammies, and lots of other Black collectibles are highly sought after, as is Americana collectibles with white characters. The Coon Chicken Inn was an actual restaurant started in the 20’s. Again, we want to stress we do not intend to offend anyone, and are only preserving a part of history that should remind us all of the senselessness of racial prejudice.”

Remind us of racial prejudice? We don’t need a sign to remind us, we can just live our daily lives. While Coon Chicken Inn was a restaurant in the 1920’s, there is a reason why it isn’t a restaurant now. Take this damn sign down.

SOURCE: The Root, CBS News


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