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President Donald Trump dissolved his voter fraud commission in the face of several lawsuits and widespread criticism, the Washington Post reported. But the fight against the president’s efforts to limit voting rights continues.

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“While we are gratified that the Commission has been disbanded, we remain concerned that the very threat we anticipated in our lawsuit may have already been set in motion,” the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund said, adding that Trump indicted his intension to ask the Department of Homeland Security to pick up where the Commission ended.

Trump launched the commission to investigate and fix what he claimed was massive voter fraud in the 2016 election that prevented him from winning the popular vote over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. The president has never provided evidence of the alleged fraud, yet he assembled an 11-member team to investigate. A series of lawsuits hampered the commission’s progress, including a suit from one of the few Democrats on the commission who complained about a lack of transparency. Many Republicans joined Democrats who criticized the commission for demanding that state officials turn over personal data about registered voters, including partial Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses.

The commission was created “on the race-baiting premise that Latino and African-American voters engage in voter fraud,” the LDF stated. From the start, its plan included comparing state voter files to information in DHS’s database, which has been discredited by experts as “racially discriminatory and inaccurate.” That job continues despite the disbanding of the commission.

LDF vows to remain vigilant and to challenge any move by DHS to target minority voters. The organization is also calling for the return of all voter data the commission collected during its brief existence.

SOURCE:  Washington Post, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund


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