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Mysteries, scandals and unsolved crimes of celebrities are usually the talks of most conversations. Everyone wants to know what the clues mean, who said what, and why it all happened.

Oxygen is releasing a new show called Mysteries And Scandals that’s all about the celebrities stories.  Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with journalist Soledad O’ Brien the host for the show.

“They (Oxygen) decided they wanted to move into a genre that I think people are kind of obsessed with,” explained O’Brien.

“A lot of the stories that I covered were kind of in the middle of when it was breaking,” explained O’Brien. What’s good about this show is that she gets to go through the story and look at all the details.

O.J. Simpson’s robbery and the story of Whitney Houston’s death will be featured on this show, because not very many people know about it.

“Lot of people know a lot about the double murder he was acquitted for but very little about that crazy robbery that put him into prison,” explained O’Brien. “So we do a deeper dive.”

With Whitney Houston, it’s especially good because people want to know. “I think a combination of time has passed and they know that we’re trying to do a thoughtful and credible job on the story,” expressed O’Brien. “I think knowing those personal points about the family from people who were there really adds to the story.”

Catch Mysteries And Scandals at Oxygen on Friday’s at 9pm.

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Inside Her Story: Soledad O’Brien Investigates Mysteries & Scandals  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com