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Ne-Yo‘s wife Crystal Smith got herself in a heap of backlash when she said on Instagram that her son wasn’t blessed with her “Hawaiian silky hair.” See below:

Twitter reacted and no on was here for it:

Crystal Smith is now speaking out, telling TMZ the backlash is because, “They assume I am not mixed with Black, which I absolutely am. They don’t like Black men being with white women or other-race women. It’s really stupid. I don’t get in the stereotypes. I will check you.” Watch below:

Crystal is deeply misinformed. Regardless if she is “mixed” (does anyone think Crystal Smith is a White woman?),  the “good” hair conversation is a hot button topic that has been around long before Crystal Smith existed. Saying her child wasn’t “blessed” with her hair texture had nothing to do with her racial or ethnic background, it was shaming him for his natural hair.  Her son’s hair is a blessing, regardless of the texture. Furthermore, what is her racial and ethnic background? She claims she was raised in Fort Myers, Florida and here is a pic of her grandmother who appears to be Black. Why is she referencing “Hawaiian Silky”? Hopefully, Crystal knows that Hawaiian is not a race.  Also, Black folks’ hair come in all different textures, regardless of the racial identity of their parents.

Get woke, Crystal.


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