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Sundai Brown is a 51-year-old teacher at Bridgewater Middle School in Orange County, Florida. According to Orlando Sentinel, she was caught tweeting white supremacist propaganda and Islamophobia. In one post,  she wrote, “Imans worldwide instruct muslims to invade western countries, outbreed them, overthrow governments, kill infidels and implement sharia law.”  In another, she tweeted, “If you think Hurricane Irma is bad, wait till you get a load of Hurricane Allah.”

The Orlando Sentinel reports, “She also retweeted an anti-Muslim post by a far-right Dutch politician and a post by Identify Evropa, which calls itself a group ‘for people of European heritage.’ The Anti-Defamation League, however, calls it a white supremacist group that pushes the idea America is not meant to be a multiracial society.”

Her tweets go back to 2017 and — as recent as December of 2017. See below:

In addition, the school was aware. After inquiries from the news media and outrage from parents who just became aware of the tweets, Principal Andrew Jackson sent a phone message to parents, admitting the posts were from 2017 and “We addressed these concerns with the teacher at the time… The school district does not condone or interfere in social media posts of employees unless there is a violation of the professional code of ethics.”

Sundai Brown, who is reportedly a social studies teacher, still works at the school and has been working in that district since 2010.

A 51-year-old who is wasting time to spit hate on social media clearly does not have the judgement or the heart to be a teacher. Bridgewater Middle School has no excuse to continue to employ this hateful woman.


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Black Teacher Caught Promoting White Supremacy — And The School Knew  was originally published on newsone.com