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On May Thursday, 10, Natia Shim and her 17-year-old son were driving to Latham Farms in Lathan, New York. According to, a truck cut them off on an exit ramp to Latham and “then at least three men and two women — one older and one younger — got out and began destroying her mirrors, hitting the car with bats and smashing in a window, she later learned from witnesses, with a frying pan. This all while shouting obscenities and racial slurs. ‘They’re screaming, ‘We are the white supremacists,’ and n*****s do not belong in their country,’ Shim recalled.” She said her son, who was driving, kept saying, “Mommy, they’re going to kill us, they’re going to kill us!” Thankfully, he managed to maneuver out of the chaos and the mother called 911.

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The racists drove away and when police arrived Shim began filing a report, with seven eyewitness corroborating Shim’s story. However, the criminals called the police and confessed to attacking the mother and son. Shim explained to, “The people that did it said, ‘Oh, we thought that her vehicle was the vehicle who robbed my son for a radio a day prior in Watervliet.’”

Even with the confession, no one has been arrested. She claims the self-proclaimed white supremacist drove by her home on Sunday. Shim said, “They took it in their own hands and chased down the wrong car from Troy to Latham to kill me and my son. How are we supposed to feel safe?”

Why haven’t the people who nearly killed a woman and a child been arrested? claims the excuse from police is “the process takes time.”

If five Black people tried to kill a white woman and a child, the “process” would be immediate. We’ll keep you posted as more information surfaces.



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