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His name is reportedly Aaron M. Schlossberg. A 42-year-old, pro-Trump lawyer from New York City who runs his own law firm right next door to the Fresh Kitchen coffee shop, which is where he went ballistic on people for speaking Spanish. He verbally attacked customers in the shop, saying they were undocumented, in “his” country and he pays for their welfare. However, this is not an isolated incident. Schlossberg went nuclear on another person who he attacked for being an “ugly foreigner” — even though the guy is from Massachusetts.

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Back in October of 2016, Willie Moore said a random man walked up to him on the street ADD A LINK TO THIS STORY, assaulted him and attacked him for being an “ugly f***ing” foreigner. The lunatic said, “I am a citizen here, you’re not.” He took a picture and threatened to call the police. The New York Daily News confirmed this was Aaron M. Schlossberg. See the video below, watch around the two-minute mark for Schlossberg.

Since Schlossberg has been exposed on social media, the Yelp page for his law firm has been slammed with negative reviews. He now has over 2,000 one-star reviews. Ridiculously, his law firm page claims they serve Spanish-speaking customers.  Yesterday, a petition was created, demanding his disbarment. It now has nearly 7,000 signatures.

Aaron M. Schlossberg is clearly a menace to society and needs to be in jail. If Black people can be arrested and beaten for jaywalking, Schlossberg should — at a minimum — have charges filed against him. He assaulted a man on the street in October of 2016 and is caught on video verbally assaulting innocent people. Every New Yorker should feel unsafe with this savage roaming around freely. If you missed the first video, watch below:


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