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A white man hurled racial slurs and assaulted a Black police officer and he wasn’t shot or killed. As we can imagine, if a Black man physically attacked a white cop, he would be shot before he made body contact.

According to, Michael Jerry Cornwell, 57, randomly started attacking Lt. J.W. Ivy Jr. when he getting out of his patrol car at the station,  “Cornwell stopped his vehicle in the middle of the street and called him a racial slur. The officer said he asked the suspect not to call him a racial slur again.”

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complaint, the officer said Cornwell used the racial slur three more times and threatened him. When he attempted to remove the man from his car, “Cornwell swung at the officer, and the two began to wrestle through the window of the vehicle. The suspect continued to swing at the officer during the altercation and to threaten him, the complaint said.”

It’s incredible how this Black officer maintained his composure and didn’t shoot him repeatedly even though the man clearly was assaulting him. Just a few days ago, a naked Black man, who was clearly unarmed was fatally shot in Richmond, Virginia. Let’s not forget unarmed Michael Brown, who was killed by an officer in August of 2014, allegedly wrestled with the officer, but he was killed.

Michael Jerry Cornwell is being held at South Central Regional Jail on a $2,500 cash only bond.


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