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Surgery is always serious, even if it’s elective. However, unlicensed surgeon Dr. Windell Boutté (is that really her name?) decided to film music videos for YouTube while cutting open people. Now, a patient has died.

Dr. Boutté claims she is “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon,” even though she isn’t certified by Georgia’s medical board to perform surgery. She performs countless plastic surgeries and has been hit with seven malpractice lawsuits. According to Vice.com, “A woman’s heart stopped during an operation in Boutte’s office, and—unequipped to deal with the emergency—Boutte called 911. But by the time the woman reached the ER, she had suffered permanent brain damage.” According to WSBTV.com, sisters who received liposuction were mortified by the results which, they said, looked like “Freddie Krueger cut my stomach.”

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Even with the lawsuits against her, WSBTV.com reports, “She is still getting up and going to work every day and making a great deal of money, subjecting patients who are none the wiser to her unsafe practices.” See one of her disturbing videos below:

Again, Boutté is not board certified in general surgery or plastic surgery, but she is a board-certified dermatologist. Bizarrely, in Georgia it is legal for any physician to operate, even if they are not board-certified. Sadly, there have been many reports of botched surgeries and even deaths in Georgia.

In one horrific story from 2013, as reported by AJC.com, Dr. Nedra Dodds “who was trained as an ER doctor, performed liposuction and fat injections on a 37-year-old, April Jenkins, who screamed during the surgery, ‘It’s tearing. It’s burning.’ A worker stuffed a towel in her mouth so her fiancé in the waiting room couldn’t hear the screams. Jenkins ended up dead.” The doctor never faced charges.

Hopefully these cases open people’s eyes to be more aware of doctors and plastic surgery. Your life is not worth artificial beauty.


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Unlicensed Plastic Surgeon Filmed Music Videos While Reportedly Botching Patients Procedures  was originally published on newsone.com