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Ben Carson has been touring the country to talk about his version of affordable housing, but in each city he visits, Carson says something more atrocious. His offensive comments included telling a woman she needs to get married to get out of poverty and advising a homeless shelter to stop asking for federal money. Carson’s latest comments while visiting a housing project in Aurora, Colorado is just as insane.

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According to The Denver Post, Carson visited Aurora to “emphasize the importance of working with private partners to create sustainable places to live for low-income people.” The Village at Westerly Creek, a new housing project, has “144 affordable rental units for senior citizens and 50 affordable units for families.” It was partially funded by private partnerships like FirstBank and American Express, which Carson loves because it allows the government to spend more money on military parades than the county’s most disenfranchised.

Regardless of Carson’s joy at making marginalized people fend for themselves, Craig Maraschky, executive director of the Aurora Housing Authority said federal housing tax credit programs are crucial, “If those go away we can’t do what we’re doing here.” No word if Carson understood this concept, but he did say his goal was to get more people off of government housing and into the workforce — although he gave no plan on how he would make this happen.

Carson’s strangest comments at the housing project was about his version of “real compassion.” He said, “real compassion is not patting people on the head and saying, ‘There, there you poor little thing.’ Real compassion is giving them an opportunity to realize the American dream.”

How can people realize this American dream if Carson wants to triple the rents of people in subsidized housing? The secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) clearly wants to make fair housing, unfair housing.


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