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The lies they tell.

A new video published Thursday underscored the extent to which a now-former police officer went to blame a Black man of trying to kill her. Sherry Hall was heading to prison for 15 years after claiming she was shot in the abdomen by a “Black man, 6 feet, 250 pounds, wearing a green shirt and black jogging pants” on September 13, 2016. Hall told elaborate lies, sat down for interviews and falsely accused Rodreikus Scott of trying to kill her.

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Hall’s false accusations caused a manhunt for Scott after she identified him as the shooter. In a bizarre television interview, she said, “For him to have such a disregard to human life really angers me and upsets me. . . . If he’ll do this to an officer, how much more will he do to a citizen on the street?” See the video below that was just released Thursday.

Scott explained to officers that he was out of town at the time of the shooting and had never seen Hall in his life. Nonetheless, his vehicle and home were searched. He was also undressed and searched in front of his daughter. Scott told 11 Alive, “I was scared for my life. I was scared for my family’s life. It was hard for me to go places without people pointing me out.”

According to 11 Alive, “A GBI investigation later determined that Hall shot herself with her department-issued firearm. Authorities said Hall lied about the incident and took her into custody.” But Scott claimed he found out that Hall was being charged via the news. Jackson authorities never reached out and apologized to him.

The Jackson Progress-Argus reports during Hall’s trial in August of this year, she said, “I don’t recall a whole lot, because I’ve spent two years in therapy trying to suppress it.” The Washington Post reports, “The jury took less than an hour to convict Hall on all 10 counts Aug. 30. Moss then asked Superior Court Judge Thomas Wilson to sentence Hall to 30 years in prison. Wilson imposed a 15-year term.”

There is no motive for why she accused him of being the shooter, but we all know it was stone-cold racism.


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