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Evelyn Braxton just looks like one of those Black mother’s who will get you so quickly together, you’d think lightening hit you. Whatever the cause: talking back to your elders, cussing or leaving the lights on, you know the severity of the offense by the bass in her voice.

Tamar got a good ole fashion scolding from mama Braxton when she continued to disrespect Iyanla Vanzant during a counseling session. In case you haven’t been watching Braxton Family Values, the sisters reached a breaking point in their relationship when Traci decided to film the family show amid tense contract negotiations. So the family called on Iyanla to tend to their family.

We learned a lot from their bare-it-all sit downs including, Toni Braxton doesn’t like her family most of the time and how her baby sister Tamar’s neck-rolling antics are disappointing. Prior to the airing of the highly anticipated episodes, it was revealed Tamar walked out one of the meeting. And on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Tamar revealed she felt Iyanla was sexually shamed her.

Last night we watched what led up to Tamar’s walk-out and it appeared to be Iyanla’s criticism of her “behavior.” Tamar and Iyanla got into a verbal sparring match until mama Evelyn had enough.

Tamar needed a moment to get herself together and walked away from the group.

Yikes. Were we the only ones who stood up at attention? Tamar clearly has deeply rooted issues, but she refused to let anyone get a word in edge wise. What do you think about Tamar’s behavior and her mother’s response?


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