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Mashonda and Swizz and Alicia

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For Mashonda, a lot has changed in the past decade since she and her ex-husband Swizz Beatz divorced and he married Alicia Keys.

Yes, initially the mother of one was upset and even bitter, but in her new book, Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family, she details her journey of forgiveness and finding peace, while co-parenting her 11-year-old son Kasseem “KJ” Dean, Jr. with the Grammy-winning couple.

The singer recently told PEOPLE that “time” has played a huge role in where they are as a family now.

“Time has a way of healing things, but we also had to heal ourselves,” Mashonda shared.

She admitted to the publication that writing this book, “reopened old wounds.”

“Many weeks I’d drop my son off at school, come home, hibernate, write and cry.”

On Wednesday night (Oct. 3), the three co-parents took to the 92nd Street Y to talk about the book and to share their story as a united front.

Page Six noted that at the event, Mashonda talked about the importance of the trio “checking their egos” in order to successfully blend their families, which also includes Keys two sons, but it wasn’t until Kaseem Jr. had a serious accident while vacationing in Thailand with Keys and Beatz did she feel that they really bond.

Apparently, her son had smashed his finger in a door and required an emergency surgery. While Swizz texted her to let her know of the incident, it was Alicia that gave her constant updates to put her at ease.

I just felt like, ‘What if we didn’t have that bond?’ I would be sitting on the couch not knowing what to do completely lost.” the 40-year-old said, thanking her son’s “bonus mom.” “Moments like that let me know all the work paid off… It was the perfect demonstration of blended.”

The women also shared details on their first one-on-one meeting that went down a reserved a table at a quiet restaurant so they could meet in private, Page Six wrote.

“I prayed and I meditated the day before. The day of. Up until the meeting pointing,” Mashonda said. “I didn’t want to go in with a bunch of emotions … I wanted to see her as a soul.”

We love this song! Glad to see that this family is going strong!


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