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K. Michelle has had enough of one particular girl constantly ringing her doorbell. And after this incident we doubt she’ll be back.

Thanks to her surveillance cameras, K. is able to monitor her house, even when she’s away. She recently shared a hilarious video of what went down the moment a teen-age looking girl came to her home on a golf cart; and after no one answered the doorbell, she threw up the peace sign and began twerking.

To her shock, K. Michelle was watching all of her shenanigans and began shouting profanities at her and demanding she “Get the f— off my porch!”

The teen was visibly startled and sped off on her golf cart. The video has gone viral and will give you a good laugh. Watch below:


The R&B singer shared the video on her Instagram page, writing: “I don’t know who this lady is that keeps ringing my door bell everyday! We don’t want none of what you selling. I had to be the voice of reason. She didn’t know I could speak to her wherever i’m at from my phone. I don’t play about privacy at my house. Don’t disrespect my house little bo peep! Don’t come back either! #FAB Thank God for the RING security doorbell! I know when there is any motion on my property. I’m not mad though I was playing wit her. I was in tears laughing!!! She didn’t know where that voice was coming from!”

She captioned the episode #FAB, the name of her upcoming fifth album, which stands for F*ck All U B*tches.

“My 5th album is titled “FAB” F— All u B—–s! It’s really pretty musically epic! Real good music. R&B money! Thank you”


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