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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today’s show is dedicated to honoring those who are fighting the disease, remembering those lost their battles, and informing people about the disease and what you can do to stay healthy. We were joined by Nurse Dina Linsey, M.S.N, R.N. and Dr. Kimberley Lee, M.D. from Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. They went over with the Quick Silva Show the steps You should take if you find out that you have cancer.

If you, unfortunately, hear the words “You have cancer” know first of all that you can beat it! After getting your fight spirit up, you have to get educated on what your next steps are.

Step 1: Know The Type of Cancer You Have: It’s imperative that you identify what type of cancer you have. Regardless of what you initially came into the doctor for you always want to make sure you know the exact type of cancer you’re treating.

Step 2: Gather Information:  Once you know the type of cancer you have, research is your best friend. Being informed on symptoms, the traits, and overall how it will affect you is the most important part of moving forward with treatment.

Step 3: Interview Doctors: When it comes to any illness or diagnosis it’s normal protocol to get a second opinion. As Dr. Lee and Nurse Dina said you should always interview several doctors to see who has the best plan to execute you beating cancer.

Step: 4: Find An Oncologist: After your interviews, select an oncologist that makes you comfortable and creates the best way to tackle the disease that makes you comfortable.

Step 5: Make a list of questions for your first appointment and Bring a Friend for Support: Once you’ve got your oncologist it’s time to make your first appointment. If you’ve completed steps 1-4 you should have a list of questions. Before you start treatment ask the tough questions and gain a level of peace knowing how you and your doctor plan to execute treatment. Bring a friend as well, because tough questions lead to tough reactions and you want someone there to support you. Not only the support but be an active listener just incase you need to process everything that’s happening.

If you need general information if you find out that you have cancer go to Johns Hopkin’s Medical.

If you want to call Johns Hopkins about any type of Cancer: 410-955-5222

If you need a mammogram call Johns Hopkins Imaging: 443-997-7237

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer call Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Center: 443-287-6560.

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