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It’s Halloween so you know there will be countless stories of people dressing in blackface. Earlier today, we covered Shelbi Elliott-Heenan from Kansas City, Missouri who was fired from her job because she used blackface to dress up as Beyoncé. Now a Philadelphia police officer is in trouble for a photo he allegedly posted of himself in blackface.

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Philadelphia Officer Hung Nguyen appears to have posted a photo of himself on Facebook in blackface. Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif, wrote on Twitter, “Meet Philadelphia Police Officer Hung Nguyen badge number #6659 posted this picture of him in blackface on his fb page. I’m asking Commissioner Richard Ross to immediately fire the officer.” reported police officials said they were aware of the photograph and “The photo is being investigated,” according to the department’s public affairs unit.”

Former Philadelphia police officer Andre Boyer said to, “This is a serious matter that is even more serious when you are aware of some of the underlying tensions on the city’s police force,”

Rochelle Bilal, president of the Guardian Civic League, the organization that represents Black police officers, told, “This is happening way too often. This, if it’s him, is dumb, stupid and anything else you can say bad about what has happened.” However, she did not say he should be fired, “At the very least, he should have to go through some sort of cultural sensitivity training.”

Who knows what type of training you need to know that blackface is offensive.


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