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Pest control company Orkin released its list of the cities most infected by Beg Bugs and D.C. was among the cities most affected.

In its top 50 Bed Bug Cities list, D.C. was ranked second. Baltimore topped the list for the 3rd time in a row. The list is based on treatment data from the metro areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments from Dec. 1, 2017-Nov. 30, 2018. The ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments.

“The number of bed bug infestations in the United States is still rising,” says Dr. Tim Husen, an Orkin entomologist. “They continue to invade our homes and businesses on a regular basis because they are not seasonal pests, and only need blood to survive,”

Here are the top 20 below

1. Baltimore

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Chicago

4. Los Angeles

5. Columbus, Ohio

6. New York (+2)

7. Cincinnati (-1)

8. Detroit (-1)

9. Atlanta (+4)

10. Philadelphia (+2)

11. Cleveland-Akron (+3)

12. San Francisco (-3)

13. Raleigh-Durham, N.C. (+2)

14. Indianapolis (-3)

15. Dallas (-5)

16. Norfolk, Va. (+2)

17. Richmond, Va. (-1)

18. Greenville, S.C. (+7)

19. Charlotte, N.C.

20. Grand Rapids, Mich. (+3)

Check out the rest here.