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LeBron James and the rest of the NBA is officially in All-Star break mode, which means they get a chance to take a breather, reevaluate the rest of the season, and take in some of the college talents.

Saturday night, the 22-2 (and 10-1 in their conference) Duke Blue Devils took on the University Of Virginia’s Cavaliers. Of course they won, and of course Zion Williamson stuffed the stat sheet and rattled the rim with every dunk he slammed down.

James was at the game that night and gave a quick interview to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, during which he gave his opinion on Williamson. Surprising to no one, James is liking what he sees.

“What strikes me? His agility and his quickness,” James said. “For his size, how strong he is, to be able to move like the way he moves, he’s very impressive. I mean, everybody can see the athleticism. That’s obviously, that’s ridiculous. But the speed and the quickness that he moves (with) at that size is very impressive.”

James added that Williamson “seems like he has great intangibles and seems like a great kid.”

Keep in mind that the Duke star is 6’7″, 285-pounds, and can get up and down the court with ease and has major hops. Let’s also not forget that he can damn-near deflate a ball with his hands.

While some accused James of scouting—even though his Lakers have no chance at drafting Williamson, as he’ll likely go to a team like the New York Knicks or Cleveland Cavaliers—he still addressed the silly rumor.

“A recruiting trip? I didn’t talk to anybody,” James said. “They’re only saying that because it’s Rich. When Shaq came to see me play in high school, when A.I. came to see me play in high school, they weren’t saying it was a recruiting trip then. But because it’s Rich Paul and LeBron, now it’s a recruitment trip.”

But for now, Williamson and fellow future top 5 pic RJ Barrett are focused on leading the team through an arduous season that could end with the Blue Devils hoisting up the national championship trophy.

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