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NBA Finals Game 6: Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

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Los Angeles Lakers superfan Snoop Dogg is fed up with his home team. He sounded off on them after they suffered an embarrassing 118-109 loss to the last-place Phoenix Suns Saturday Night.

If your name is not LeBron James, you have to go according to the “Ain’t No Fun” rapper. Snoop expressed his frustration with his team in an expletive-filled video shared on social media. He held no punches on what he felt needed to happen to right the Lakers’ sinking ship starting with getting rid of head coach Luke Walton and the rest of the “goofballs” not named LeBron.

“Bad year, man. It was terrible watching my Steelers play this year, and it’s f****ing terrible watching my Lakers play. Somebody got to go. F**k this s**t. Somebody got to go. Matter of fact, a lot of n***** got to go. Starting with the coach. This s*** ain’t going to work. This is not the L.A. way. Ship all the n****s out. Get a slave ship and ship all them sorry motherf****** the f**K outta here.”

Oh, he wasn’t done either, he even offered up his luxury box for $5 to anyone who wants to watch the Lakers play for the rest of the season cause he is done.

“Sick of this; going to act like it’s going to be all right, it’s going to be cool, they going to figure it out, they going to grow,” he said. “These sorry motherf******- aren’t going to do s***. Nothing. Get LeBron some f****ing help, because these goofballs ain’t going do s**t. They sorry. They f****ing suck. I’m selling my f—ing booth right now. I got a booth for the next two, three years. This year, y’all can have it. Five dollars for the motherf****** booth to the Laker games. Five dollars is the price. Anybody can have it. All the homies, blow me up right now.”

Uncle Snoop is not alone in being frustrated with the team, the 30-33 Lakers led by LeBron are flirting with disaster and could miss the playoffs. They are currently 4½ games out of the final Western Conference playoff spot with only 19 games left in the season. They cannot afford to lose any more games and if they are serious about being in the postseason beating the Los Angeles Clippers who currently hold the 7th seed would be a good start.

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