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Jordan Peele’s Us Had a Pretty Kick-Ass Opening Weekend.

Not that anyone was surprised. According to Variety, the Get Out followup brought in $70 million over the weekend, putting it in the running for the second-best opening weekend of the year after Disney’s Captain Marvel—which garnered $153 million.

Us now has the largest weekend for an original horror movie, surpassing A Quiet Place, as well as the biggest launch for an original R-rated film behind Ted,” Variety adds. “It also shattered the benchmark set by Peele’s directorial debut Get Out, which launched with $33 million in 2017.”

Read more here, and congratulations to Jordan Peele!

Daniel Caesar Changed His Mind & Apologized: ‘I Can Admit When I Am Wrong’

Welp—that didn’t take long! Daniel Caesar took to Instagram Live yet again on Saturday, this time to retract the controversial statements that set social media ablaze last week.

“I apologize for how I expressed my idea because that is where I went wrong. I believe in what I said and as a man I need to admit when he is wrong. I can admit when I am wrong,” he said. “It was a tyrannical rant. Because a tyrant doesn’t have people around checking him. And my [friends, when we disagree on something we check each other. But we agreed in that sentiment…but we feel so strongly about it that we didn’t realize how harsh we were coming off.”

Wonder if that convo with Deray had anything to do with it.

Adrien Broner Was Handcuffed by Police in Miami over the Weekend.

TMZ reports that former boxing champ Adrien Broner was handcuffed on South Beach over the weekend after jaywalking on Collins avenue, being honked at by a driver, and proceeding to bang on their car.

When the cops—who were already rolling deep for Spring Break—overheard the commotion, they came over to break things up. That’s when Broner reportedly started yelling at the cops and ended up in handcuffs, though he wasn’t arrested.

“Broner didn’t let the incident dampen his night,” TMZ writes. “He went to Exchange Miami nightclub where he did the Bust Down dance and even jumped onstage.”

Jaywalking on crazy-ass Collins Avenue probably wasn’t the best (or safest) idea, though. Just saying!

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