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Quanell X & Madd Hatta

Source: Madd Hatta / Radio One Digital

Quanell X revealed a bombshell on Friday when he told reporters that Derion Vence, the stepfather of Maleah Davis confessed to him the location of Maleah’s body. On Monday, medical examiners confirmed that the remains found were that of the missing 4-year-old.

On Saturday, QX spoke to Madd Hatta publicly in an exclusive interview explaining how he convinced Vence to share information in a jailhouse interview, why he no longer decided to represent Brittany Bowens after a televised interview with KHOU 11 and why CPS decided not to take Maleah to her biological father.

“When she admitted that he was beating that baby with a belt when she was sick, I said, ‘Brittany, he whipped that baby when she was sick?’ She said, ‘Yes’,” Quanell tells Hatta.

He continued, “How could you knowing this man was whipping your daughter was sick, knowing this man beat her so bad one time that she had to go to the emergency room but you chose not to and he talked you out of it … you got all of this madness that he’s done to this child but yet you leave your baby with this man?”

In regards to CPS, QX says that CPS could not determine between Bowens or Vence as to who caused Maleah’s bodily injuries and that both Bowens and Vence were blocking Maleah’s biological dad access to see his daughter for fear he would see her injuries.

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