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Tonight we pick up Basketball Wives from the aftermath of Shaunie giving Jennifer a hug. Yup. Shaunie got over her animosity toward Jennifer to try to convince Evelyn to come around too, but Evelyn isn’t having it. She says Jenn can use her mom dying as an excuse to be a jerk all she wants but it won’t change the fact that she was talking smack about Shaniece since before her mother died. In other words, Evelyn is not ready to come around and that’s that. 

Later on, we find Malaysia kicking it with CeCe and OG. The latter two have been besties lately, so much so that OG rolls her eyes when Malaysia mentions Kristen’s name. OG feels some type of way about Kristen due to their tiff at last season’s reunion (Kristen tried to shame her for not being married or having kids), but also because CeCe has been filling her in about her drama. The general sentiment, outside of Malaysia, is that Kristen is fake. This starts getting under Malaysia’s skin because she feels like CeCe has been telling OG stuff that she’s not telling everyone else, which is counterproductive to her mission of trying to get her family on the same page. This is going to blow up in a major way. 

In other news, Tami Roman is still around. She has been pulling a Kim Zolciak this seasonyou knownot wanting to really participate in filming with the other women. However, she does address Kenny Anderon’s stroke. She and her daughters are saddened by it. Speaking of her daughters, they feel like the only thing worse would be if something happens to her and so, they request that she stop smoking. Later on, Tami goes to a hypnotist because she has tried everything else in the world to give up smoking…except for this. Progress pending, because Tami fell asleep during the session. 

Finally, we get to the part of the episode where everything falls apart. Evelyn’s new business venture involves a skincare line formulated with CBD. So, we’re at the part where Evelyn brings the group together to test out her products, but the real reason we’re here is so that OG and Kristen can face off. 

It all goes downhill when OG walks in and Malaysia decides to be messy by bringing up when OG said that Kristen was fake. Malaysia also asks CeCe if she said something to OG in private that she shouldn’t have said. Basically, OG mentioned that she feels like CeCe tells her the truth about how she feels, but tells everyone else that everything is okay and that she and Kirsten are fine. Lies. Anyway, CeCe said she didn’t say anything off to OG at all and that they don’t even talk about Kristen when they hang out. OG feels like she’s holding on to a piece of anger from CeCe that CeCe is hesitant to share. Then OG finally decides to stop holding back and calls Kristen fake. Then she unloads more about how Kristen borrowed clothes and shoes from CeCe. They obviously start arguing and then OG blurts that Kristen and Thomas aren’t real Scotts because the man we’ve been seeing on camera thus far isn’t Thomas’ actual dad, but they just want the world to think they’re basketball royalty (Byron actually raised Thomas though). 

Kristen starts wilding out, She calls OG’s man gay, and starts trying to get at OG like she wants to try to fight but she gets restrained (and OG definitely isn’t scared). Shaunie steps in and chastises OG, talking about how she’s out of line and it’s not her place to reveal personal secrets like this, yatta yatta. Shaunie, Malaysia, and Feby try to keep Kristen at bay since they don’t have <em>Love and Hip-Hop</em> levels of security, and Jackie tells OG she’s out of line. CeCe said OG obviously threw that out to hurt Kristen but that the info isn’t a secret so she’s surprised about Kristen’s reaction. 

Meanwhile, Shaunie continues telling OG how wrong she was until OG said that CeCe gave her this info. Then Shaunie goes out and tells Kristen that Cece passed that info to OG. This causes Kristen to try to go charging back in the room. She gets restrained, but then. Malaysia goes back in to confront CeCe because she just asked if CeCe had told OG any secrets. CeCe admits to spilling the tea but added that it’s not a secret and she’s actually surprised that Kristen is acting the way she is. Y’all, Kristen is kicking, screaming, and in tears as if this was the first time she heard this news about her man. Then Malaysia starts going off on OG because she feels like OG is trying to keep her family apart. 

Now everyone thinks CeCe has been playing puppet master all this time. They think CeCe told OG all this stuff because she knew OG would be the one to put this stuff out there and say the things CeCe is too afraid to say. 

Wouldn’t be the first time for someone on this show to do that. 

Anyway, the petty drama returns next week.


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