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When we’re talking about politics, Roland Martin says we’re always asking “what do Black people want?” He talks to Alicia Garza of the Black census project, which she says is “the largest survey of Black people in America in 154 years.”

It was important to her and her team to do this because as Black people we are “often spoken about but we are rarely ever spoken to” and that has an impact on both politics and policy.  The put together a number of questions including, “what is it that you want in you future?” They made sure to talk to Black people in all walks of life because according to Garza, “Black communities are not a monolith.” The opinions and views we as Black people have across the country are not being reflected in policy and they want their work to change that.

“Our goal is to make sure we contribute to making Black communities powerful in politics,” Garza says.


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