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All is fair in love and war.

Jalen Ramsey took those words to heart during his time at Florida State. Jalen Ramsey is certainly no stranger to trash talking. During his rookie year in the NFL, he notoriously got into it with Steve Smith. Then, of course, the most famous of them all, when AJ Green choke slammed Ramsey in 2017.

So everyone knows, Jalen Ramsey has a special way to get under the skin of receivers and opponents that is not ver common.

Yesterday, on Bussin with the Boys Podcast with Tennessee Titans Tackle Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, Jalen Ramsey let us in on some of his tricks.

“Say I was playing a big receiver at whatever school, I would look up his Instagram, see his girlfriend whatever, boom, boom, boom,” Ramsey said at the 9:20 mark below. “I’d probably go slide in her DMs.”

On top of sliding in the DM’s Jalen Ramsey would make sure to say the receivers girlfriends name, to give the perception that Ramsey knows her on a first name basis.

Psychological warfare from Ramsey.

Jalen wouldn’t go on to name any of the receivers he trolled in this way, but he did mention some of them are in the NFL now, Ramsey was a corner back at Florida State from 2013-2015. During that time as a Seminole they faced current NFL Wide Receivers like Mike Williams of the San Diego Chargers, Phillip Dorsett of the New England Patriots, and Antonio Callaway just to name a few.

Ramsey also admitted he stopped that part of trolling when he got to the NFL, citing that these are men who are likely married now, Ramsey said “somebody get shot talking about somebody’s wife”

A trash talker with some sense, great job Jalen.

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