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Rob Gronkowski started his new role as an analyst on Thursday Night Football with Fox. So of course he briefly touched on the topic of him returning to the football field one day.

Gronkowski, who is affectionately known as Gronk, said that he would have to be feeling it “big time,” in order for him to return to the gridiron. Gronk spoke to Adam Schefter recently in a podcast which he specified that he is happy in his current state, and returning to football would have to make him as happy as his current life is making him.

Many people think if Tom Brady just made a plea for Gronk to return, it would tip the scales in favor of Gronk coming back, but Brady has made it known it’s not within him to lobby for those things.

“Look, I love that guy. I am so happy that he’s enjoying his time. I am happy that he’s enjoying his life.” Brady said to WEEI Sports Radio Network. “He seems to really be doing a lot of great things. He knows how I feel about him. I want what is best for him. He’s the only person that can make those decisions. I don’t lobby for those things. I have a great relationship with him. He has given actually a hell of a lot to our team already over the course of a long period of time, and I think people should be very appreciative for what he’s brought to the team and what he’s brought to the region. I think he’s a very special guy. He’s just in a different phase of his life.”

There have also been beliefs that Gronk might return to the Patriots once they get close to the playoffs, to avoid the grueling regular season schedule. But as reports keep coming out that Gronk is happy in his current life, that seems less and less likely.

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