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Activist, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. checks in on the 50th anniversary of his Fathers’ assassination. Chairman Fred will highlight the events commemorating his fathers’ death including attempts to save Fred seniors boyhood home, ‘The Hampton House’. Before we get to Fred Investigative Reporter, Greg Palast discusses his attempt to help Stacey Abrams in her federal lawsuit to overturn Georgia’s massive, racially-biased purge of voters. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & at 4 pm ET. 3 pm CT., 1 pm PT., Call in # 800 450 7876 to participate, & listen live also on 104.1hd2 FM, 93.9hd2 FM, & 102.3hd2 FM & Tune In Radio. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram.✊🏿

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