Multi-talented researcher, Keidi Awadu checks in to discuss the recent return to Africa movement, is it a fad or the beginning of a trend? Brother Keidi will also talk about his next book ‘THE BLACKEST SOIL: Africa Can Feed the World’. In addition, Keidi Awadu will discuss how the richest black man in the world, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote’s plans to invest in the US will be ready? “Scientific Futurism,” and more.

Before we meet Brother Keidi, Coach, Butch Mcadams on the NFL coaching carousel why Black coaches are missing out and the spotlight on Black Quarterbacks in the NFL Playoffs. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & at 4 pm ET. 3 pm CT., 1 pm PT., Call in # 800 450 7876 to participate, & listen live also on 104.1hd2 FM, 93.9hd2 FM, & 102.3hd2 FM & Tune In Radio. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram.✊🏿

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