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Two-time Hall of Famer Coach Joe Gibbs joins Brian Mitchell and Scott Linn ahead of Super Bowl LIV to preview Sunday’s game and discuss the Washington Football Team's hiring of Ron Rivera.

Ironically, today marks the Washington Football Team's anniversary win over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII. Gibbs reflects on the big 4th and 1 decision he had to make, which resulted in a 43-yard TD run by John Riggins, that helped capture the Washington Football Team's ever so elusive first Super Bowl.

“I was on my knees after I made that call,” Gibbs recalled. “That was probably for me, in the time I was there with the Washington Football Team, honestly one of the biggest plays I had ever been apart of.”

B-Mitch also asks Coach Gibbs how excited he is to see the ground game re-emerging with the Tennessee Titans and one of the Super Bowl contenders, the San Francisco 49ers.

“The game plan to me, the best thing the 49ers can do is run the ball because what’s going to happen is they keep Mahomes off the field. This guy, if you leave him out there long enough, odds are he’s going to make enough plays to beat you.”

Their convo then takes a shift from the Super Bowl to the Washington Football Team. Scott asks the two-time hall of famer about what he and Washington Football Team new head coach Ron Rivera discussed before Rivera ultimately filled the coaching vacancy. Gibbs said he told him two things: what it was like to work with Dan Snyder and what it’s like coaching in Washington.

“The Coach and the owner go through a lot together. So I talked to him about Dan, how he was always supportive for me. He was right there at 12:01 in free agency and when I was there, in those four years, if we lost games, it was my fault. It was never his fault. He did everything he could. I think he has a burning desire to win.”

“The Washington Football Team are talked about and written about every single day. It’s a huge deal, and the fan base, what you got there is those fans understand good football and they understand bad football. You’re going to get cheers, or they’re going to let you know when you need to step it up. I think it’s the greatest sports franchise in the world.”

Coach Gibbs also affirms that Ron Rivera is more than capable of leading the Washington Football Team back to the Super Bowl.

“I think we, as Washington Football Team fans, I think we got a coach that can get it done. I think we’ll all start cheering and get behind him. Let’s get back to winning”

Joe Gibbs Remembers Super Bowl XVII and Talks Ron Rivera Hiring  was originally published on theteam980.com